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adding DR to your branding campaign

Converting leads to sales is the heart of DR: the higher the conversion, the healthier your campaign. Sure, you’ll fuel it with compelling creative, strategic buys, and an enticing call-to-action. But if consumers are left unimpressed or confused by your online presence, sales will likely suffer and perhaps fall short of expectations. This is where your landing page must deliver a consistent message and  user-friendly online experience.

To fully leverage your landing page’s power, it’s essential that all content and design match and support your carefully crafted TV and radio spots. When the elements of your DR efforts work as one, your chances of enjoying a favorable conversion rate grow.

Research shows today’s campaigns achieve as much as an 80-percent response rate online, leaving just 20 percent of potential customers calling your number to order or learn more. That’s why, as an advertiser, it’s imperative to select an experienced digital DR marketing agency to execute your online strategy.

From expert writing and coding, to knowing what layouts work best, to building an accurate, easy-to-use shopping cart, a savvy digital DR marketing agency is your solution for generating desired results. A talented digital design firm can yield you a 5-percent to 9-per-cent conversion to sale vs. the standard 1-percent to 3-percent conversion.

But wait, there’s more: triggered e-mails for new customers are designed to help ensure maximum lifetime value realization on any new customer acquired. A best-of-breed automated triggered e-mail marketing campaign works to help guarantee that your new customers become loyal continuity purchasers. Based on when they’re deployed, they can do everything from thank consumers for their recent business, to up-sell more of your inventory. Once a base of new customers is solidified, the campaign’s metrics can aid in calculating the lifetime value of customers, and the allowable cost-per-acquisition.

What if a user attempts to exit your website by “X-ing” out or hitting the back button without placing an order? That’s where an exit pop-up window may be used to feature additional specials or discounts as an incentive for the consumer to buy. This window would link to a downsell landing page, designed to make the sale and drive the user to checkout.

However, optimizing your investment may be taken a step further with a retargeting campaign that follows your visitors once they navigate away from your landing page. Utilizing the Google Adwords platform, your digital company can create and deploy a suite of banner ads that, when clicked, will return the user to a revised landing page featuring a special offer or great discount.

A talented digital company can also develop effective strategies when it comes to new customer acquisition. From smart pay-per-click campaigns and search re-targeting, to search engine optimization, e-mails, video sales letters, social media pages, and mobile banner ads, your options in attracting users are many.

Based on data builds and benchmarking of visits, conversions, keyword rank and more, competitive analysis to determine opportunities for link building and content planning, and search behavior bill sullivanresearch revealing how certain demos browse, a comprehensive three-month SEO plan can be designed and deployed — all with your monthly budget and conversion and search engine ranking goals in mind.

When utilizing e-mails in attempts to acquire new customers, slowly testing your campaign with superb DR copy and design can yield amazing results. Here, you want to work with a digital company that has established relationships with reputable and proven list owners.

Additional avenues to consider include beautifully- branded social media pages on Twitter and Facebook, a suite of targeted banner ads on relevant sites that lead potential customers to your landing page, and mobile text or carefully-sized banner ads that reach people on their mobile devices.

To optimize your advertising investment, keep your landing page consistent with your message across other media. A talented digital DR marketing agency will not only help you stay on track in design and content to achieve your conversion goals, but will also show you the most effective ways to acquire new customers and organically maintain high search engine rankings.

Bill Sullivan, Director of Business Development with Lockard & Wechsler Direct

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