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adding DR to your branding campaign

Whether you're marketing toothpaste, home improvements or travel discounts, buying national TV ensures you the proverbial "better bang for your buck." Fortunately, stretching your TV ad dollar isn't such a stretch with a trackable and cost-effective direct response strategy fueling your branding efforts. Simply stated, DR done right works to reduce ad costs and boost retail sales.

An experienced DR ad agency knows how to implement solutions designed to drive ROI nationally through DR rates considerably lower than typical branding campaign costs. Such savvy marketing techniques are clearly seen in many recent hybrid branding campaigns, where blending an enticing direct response call-to-action with traditional TV creative delivered deep rate discounts. Designing and promoting unique tracking systems for viewers to engage in saving on their retail purchases is the pivotal strategy. This allows clients to enhance brand awareness, attract more shoppers, and closely measure results.

Many experienced DR ad agencies use local break TV advertising to test national cable programming at very low rates and dramatically beat traditional branding campaign media prices. The immediate discount presents an opportunity for advertisers to enjoy a much lower cost-per-thousand (CPM) and higher exposure compared to national airings. The agency can estimate the percentage of spots clearing based on each network's estimate. Further bidding for clearance below the DR rate card can optimize the advertiser's buying opportunity.

Want an example of how an experienced DR advertising agency capitalized on national local break cable TV rates well below the DR rate card and created a dramatic spike in retail store sales?

Bill SullivanOver a three-month period, this agency helped a highly-ranked supplement client point and track unique URLs for more than 25 cable networks to determine cost-per-click, visitors, coupon downloads, coupon redemptions and retail sales. Tracking of responses through each network was performed daily and reconciled weekly, balancing low-CPM cable networks with clearance and cost-per-visit research. The marketer worked with the agency to refine already low CPM buys weekly, optimizing and clearing close to 100 percent of the budget.

To illustrate the resulting retail lift from these efforts, they compared a benchmark of sales over several weeks without advertising against the weeks of the cable TV buys. Analyzing the top retail stores and national figures, the test delivered an increase in sales nationally of more than 10 percent. When you consider similar supplement clients only experienced a 1- to 2-percent increase in sales in this tough economy, it's understandable how pleased they were with this campaign. Obviously, the agency also was very excited about the client's DR success.

When planning your marketing strategy, be sure you seek the help of an experienced DR agency that's served as a proven resource in helping brands of all sizes minimize cost, maximize profits and enjoy success in direct response advertising.

Bill Sullivan, Director of Business Development with Lockard & Wechsler Direct

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