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How Per-Inquiry Hispanic Radio Can Expand Your Profits

By Bill Sullivan

In today’s difficult economy, more and more direct response advertisers are seeking new ways to survive and grow. This article is about such a way. It is a proven, sure-fire strategy that has been expanding the customer base and profits for DR advertisers across the country for years.

The approach is a relatively simple concept. Essentially, it involves translating a direct response English TV, Hispanic TV or English radio campaign into a Hispanic per-inquiry radio campaign. The plan is designed to reach additional listeners, generate more response, build extra revenue and all for a surprisingly guaranteed payout.

Most potential DR clients who look closely at the details quickly recognize the business logic of the plan. They already have successful English TV, Hispanic TV or English radio campaigns and it is just a matter of transforming them into a Hispanic per- inquiry radio campaign to expand their customer base and profits further.

At first, some potential DR clients hesitate at the thought of using Hispanic per-inquiry radio campaigns because they are mostly concentrating on English TV, Hispanic TV or English radio and don’t know how profitable per-inquiry Hispanic radio can be. Not until they truly understand that the plan will be built on a “pay for performance basis” do they begin to see the plan as a practically guaranteed profit maker.

The Advantages
Beyond the pay-for-performance guarantee from per-inquiry Hispanic radio, the plan also includes several additional positive factors. For example, producing a per-inquiry Hispanic radio campaign takes relatively little time and money compared to TV. Also English-language radio spots can be translated almost directly into Hispanic radio spots without much writing cost. Plus, it is a relatively simple process to translate English-language telemarketing scripts into Hispanic-language scripts when selecting the right Hispanic telemarketing company. And Hispanic radio listeners, like English radio listeners, are very loyal and responsive customers.

quoteSuccessful English-language DR radio advertisers have already completed the creative and telemarketing preparations needed, so it makes smart business sense to simply translate it into the Hispanic language and use Hispanic per-inquiry radio to reach more customers, generate more sales and more profits. In short, Hispanic DRTV advertisers already have successful Hispanic-language campaigns that are already set up to profit from Hispanic-language per-inquiry radio.

Finally, as I always remind readers, be sure you work with experienced DR radio professionals who know how to translate English TV, Spanish TV and English radio elements into per-inquiry Hispanic radio elements.

Article originally written for Electronic Retailer Magazine - http://www.electronicretailermag.com Bill Sullivan is a regular contributor to Electronic Retailer, the official magazine of the Electronic Retailing Organization. Here you can read all of Bill's radioDIAL columns and other articles by and about William Sullivan Advertising.

Bill Sullivan, Director of Business Development with Lockard & Wechsler Direct

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