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DRTV Case Study – Spiking Retail Sales for Supplement

  • Over a 3 month period, William Sullivan Advertising helped a highly-ranked supplement  client point and track unique URLs for over 25 cable networks to determine cost per click, visitor, coupon download, coupon redemption and retail sales.
  • Tracking of responses through each network was performed daily and reconciled weekly, balancing low CPM cable networks with clearance and cost per visit research.
  • We refined their already low CPM buys weekly, optimizing and clearing close to 100% of the budget.
  • To illustrate the resulting retail lift from our efforts, we compared a benchmark of sales over several weeks without advertising against the weeks of William Sullivan Advertising’s DRTV buys.
  • Analyzing the top retail stores and national figures, we delivered an increase in sales nationally over 10 percent.
  • When you consider similar supplement clients only experiencing a one to two percent increase in sales from their advertising in this tough economy, it’s understandable how pleased the supplement client was with William ullivan Advertising's results.
  • When discussing the results with our client, the comment “huge spike in sales” stood out.

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