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Remnant Strategy

  • William Sullivan Advertising will buy proven remnant media across the country allowing us to minimize cost, maximize results and analyze response.
  • We buy media using dayparts, rates, cost per thousands, reach and frequencies.
  • In selecting media for our client’s first buys, we use cost per thousand (CPM) as our key indicator.
  • We use proven results to improve performance from there.
  • The media that meets the cost per lead and/or sales goals will be rebooked and those that fail to meet their goals will be renegotiated or cancelled.
  • Additional media will be purchased from our huge selection of remnant media based on the metrics/ROI that meets our client’s goals.
  • Our media buying expertise allows us to go to great detail optimizing our client’s response on a weekly basis.
  • We offer our clients pay for performance opportunities as their campaigns grow.

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