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Monitoring Services and Metrics Analysis

William Sullivan Advertising will:
  • Monitor Airtimes: confirming frequency and distribution of commercials.
  • Analyze calls, clicks, leads & sales: evaluating success of each week's schedule.

We ask that our clients fill out the questions below prior to every campaign to better understand their goals and to track results.
  • Who is your competition?
  • Is it a spot market or national campaign (if spot which markets)?
  • What is your target demographic and sociographic?
  • What is your metrics goal (cost per call/click/lead/sale)?
  • Who else has or is being offered this campaign ?
  • Have you been on the air previously?.
  • Is there a flight start date?• What is your budget?
  • Is the service taking calls 24/7/365?
  • Do you have any daypart restrictions?
  • Can we get tracking daily? (please supply us with a sample report)
  • How many URL's and phone numbers can we have?

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