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Tracking and Monitoring

  • We have been refining our tracking methods for the past 20 years.
  • Our tracking system allows us to store media partner’s dayparts and rates for quick revisions of buys and optimization of lower CPM’s delivering higher ROI’s.
  • Our system allows us to all see the primary goal, delivering our client’s the lowest cost per lead and cost per sale possible, generating the highest profit for our clients.
  • We supply clients with a phone tracking system if needed allowing us to measure every phone call from every media partner on a minute by minute basis. This additional investment by the client traditionally pays for itself.
  • William Sullivan Advertising’s tracking system is designed to build accountable direct response media by capturing all levels of data to fully understand the client’s metrics.
  • Our tracking systems are custom built for our clients identifying media attribution and investment allowing our client’s to enjoy higher yielding revenue patterns by identifying successful media airings into increased conversions and increased sales.
  • William Sullivan Advertising creates multi-channel client tracking systems for telephone, internet and retail.
  • Our tracking team has many years of experience analyzing critical media information delivering real results in real time, allowing us to make optimal media direction decisions.
  • We deliver predictive modeling you can count on for business growth on top of business growth. 


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